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✏️ Waiting for the magic fix

At the moment, at least in Germany, the politicians are waiting for a magic technology to end the climate crisis instead of acting now. It's like waiting to win at the lottery instead of reconstructing your finances.

Or, compare this to *fixing* accessibility. Yes, we could wait for a magic fix, a magic' npm install accessibility' which will automatically fix all accessibility issues. Technically, this is not totally unrealistic, giving enough time, money, and engineers. It may be able to make most sites accessible, from a technical point of view.

Web accessibility is not only technical, it's about humans, about ensuring people can use your site – enjoy using your site. It takes education among the whole company, thinking about accessibility in the whole process – copy writing, designing, managing, developing, testing…

A technical solution will never provide this, never!

Don't wait for the magic fix, educate people, act now!

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